Ben Ward

Ben Ward serves as director of Communications and Innovations Architect, as well as Asia Area director, for Global Partners. As a teenager growing up at Parkway Wesleyan Church in Roanoke, Virginia, Ward first experienced the joy of living a life fully surrendered to Jesus Christ. The journey of following Christ has lead him to serve on stall with EQUIP Leadership in Atlanta, Georgia, and Journey Church in Caledonia, Michigan. He joined the Global Partners team in 2013. Together with his wife, Sharon, and his children, Micah, Zoe, and Anna, Ward resides in Singapore.

Three things Ward does:

1. Serves as Asia Area director, providing leadership and encouragement to Global Partners missionaries and national leaders in five Asian countries.2. Creates clear pathways for local churches to engage in the global mission.3.Seeks to inform and inspire the North America Church by telling the story of global transformation

He has to be involved in the mission. . .because Jesus Christ is the hope for all nations, and the local church is God’s Plan A for the world to know that hope.