Rev. Robin W. Schara

Pastor of Global Missions and Women's Ministry at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church

God prepared Robin to be a global missions pastor all her life. As a pre-Christian, she graduated with a travel and tourism certificate, landing a job as a travel agent right out of school. For 15 years she traveled the world for her profession. This started her love for cross-cultural experiences. God captured her heart after the premature birth of her second child beginning her relationship with Christ. In 2007, she started as the director of women’s ministry at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church, which put her on a path toward ordination through Flame classes. In 2010, she also accepted the role of global missions pastor. Now Robin leads trips all over the world to support ministry partners. She has led teams to Cambodia to fight human trafficking, Zambia and Mozambique to minister to school aged children, China and Nepal to teach Scripture in the underground church, Haiti to support their child development center, Australia to run a sports camp, and Cuba to teach English. God prepared Robin before she was a Christian by equipping her to do to what she is doing now as a missions pastor. Robin was ordained in 2015.