Go. Grow. Give.

Living out discipleship means moving out–beyond, beside, and into communities to reach the spiritually lost.

“New Hope’s mission is to ‘go. grow. give.’ We call it our ‘3G Statement.’” said Pastor Michael Skor. “Those three words not only communicate our understanding of God’s call to us as individuals and as a church, they are a constant reminder of our responsibility and resulting joy of fulfilling that call.

New Hope Church in Williston, North Dakota, grew 70% between 2014 and 2016, from 690 to 1,176 in attendance. It is a discipleship-focused church. Their goals include having 30 new identified gatherings and 500 leaders equipped and engaged around the globe in the next 10 years. Their Regional Reach Vision reads:

We are convinced that we are called to reach our community, our region, and around the Globe with sacrificial service, stewardship, and strategic church planning.

Their strategy includes teaching annually on “leadership calling” with an invitation to respond to God’s leadership call in one of eight cultural influence areas–developing a “leadership pipeline,” building a church planting financial legacy fund, hosting four varied types of gatherings through a New Hope Network, and investing in current and future missional leaders via Global Partners in Croatia and Bosnia, adopting them as Partner Regions.

“As much I love my family, being outdoors, and Dr. Pepper,” Skor added, “I love Jesus Christ and want to be obedient to honor him by reaching out to the people he created and loves. The days are full. The fields are many and far-reaching. New Hope is looking up and out with great anticipation of what God will do through our obedience.”