Is God Speaking?

By Jane  Rubietta

What if God calls you to do something incredibly difficult? How do you move to that place of saying that you will follow him no matter your fears or hesitations?

The whole idea of God calling us forces questions and offers few definite answers. What if we don't hear the call? Or don't recognize it? What if we can't answer with yes? Or don't want to?

What if God calls us to do something dreadfully difficult, or something that doesn’t line up with our current lifestyle?

What if God’s call embarrasses us, or people don’t confirm that call on our lives? What if people shake their heads, like, “I’m sorry you’re off the beam and are probably going to fail”? And what if we truly do fail?

Plus, don’t we secretly believe that God only calls people who are super godly? Or, maybe we aren’t sure that God actually still calls people today. Is that a literal voice or an internal sense, or are they just singing some loony tunes and in need of some meds?

But the intriguing part is the “what if.” What if this call is real and God really antes up and moves and blesses? It’s beyond anything we can imagine. And that’s why yes is such a powerful response. People sometimes say to me, “People hope for their entire lives to hear God’s call and to do what God calls them to do. You have found it and are doing it, and God is blessing us because of it.”

So how do you move to that place?

How about a simple prayer: “God, please bless me and allow me to be a blessing. Today.” And tomorrow. And the rest of our lives. And then we watch for opportunities to live into that calling.

[Excerpt from Finding Your Promise by Jane Rubietta. Used by permission, Wesleyan Publishing House.]