Marketplace Kingdom-Force Impact

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt

Every believer can have an impact on the lives around them, no matter one's occupation.

We're praying for the Holy Spirit to empower a "Kingdom Force" so that every believer, wherever they are, lives and shares the good news of Jesus.

Nothing is more energizing than hearing

stories like this one

from Emily Zottarelli. She is very involved in their local church, Trinity Wesleyan (Allentown, Pennsylvania), where Rev. Gina Colburn is effectively leading a growing, disciple-making church. But Emily is also very intentional about ministry in the marketplace.

“When I recently started working at a new company, I wanted to be able to invest into my co-workers. One co-worker in particular was really struggling, so I started praying for her and that God would give me opportunities to show her what Jesus looks like.

“As the months went on, I made an intentional effort to get to know her and invited her to meet my friends. A few weeks ago, she started asking me about Jesus and what Bible verses there were to help with grief and anxiety. We started texting, and I began to share with her passages of Scripture.

“Two weeks ago, Brittany asked if she could come to church with me! I was so excited! She was asking me even more questions, so we are meeting weekly to go through the Bible together. This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to watch her accept Jesus into her life. The overwhelming peace and joy that came over her after she prayed was incredible! I am in awe of how God placed me exactly where I needed to be and completely prepared my co-worker’s heart to want to learn more about the gospel.”

Emily did something we all can do whether we are serving in North America or globally —

pray, be intentional, be alert to those struggling and wrestling with questions, invest in their lives.

What opportunities is God giving you?