NEXT: Developing Kingdom Force Leaders

By Dina Horne

Our current boxing ring culture tells everyone to go to their corners and catch their breath in order to go back out there and fight. Surely this isn’t the way Jesus calls us to build the church.

NEXT inspires a culture of crossing barriers, building bridges and making disciples in humility and love. Through this mentored cross-cultural immersion experience with Global Partners, young adults will be equipped for lifelong global engagement.

All 2019 NEXT internship sites — Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkic-Arabic and Dearborn, Michigan — are pioneer church planting locations. Each is relationally driven and Holy Spirit led. Interns will learn from cream of the crop, experienced mentors who will guide them on an eight-week journey of self-discovery and skill development.

One site leader put it this way, “If you want to be instantly successful, do something else. If you want to be instantly useful, come here.”

The Dearborn Site offers the opportunity to partner with Mosaic Midtown Church, a dynamic multiethnic church plant in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Dearborn is an extension of the local church, but it might as well be a world away in this vastly different immigrant neighborhood. This unique context offers interns the opportunity to build relationships with unreached people groups and gain exposure to an urban context as well as cross-cultural, pioneering church planting.

NEXT provides an opportunity for young adults to fuel the Wesleyan movement as future Kingdom Force leaders.

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Interns will be part of a team asking critical questions: What does it look like to build the church in this context? How do I build relationships with people who think and believe differently than me? What good news does this community need to hear?

Interns will develop communication skills, including language learning in the culture in which they will serve. They will build community and engage with mentors to gain clarity for their next steps. Through NEXT, they can find or fine tune their calling.

NEXT provides an opportunity for young adults to fuel the Wesleyan movement as future Kingdom Force leaders. The need for a multiethnic, multigenerational and multieconomic Kingdom Force of disciples is imperative.