One Prayer at a Time

By Tricia Rife

One prayer can make a difference. It did for both Ariana in Albania and Prisha in India.


Jim, a missionary, made a visit to the home of Riya, a girl in the youth group. This home was extremely volatile. Ariana, the mother, was verbally abusive to Riya, while her drunken husband had physically abused them both. They had even considered selling Riya into trafficking to pay bills. As soon as Jim arrived, arguing began. After 45 minutes of turmoil, he decided to leave. But first, he had prayed with them.

One prayer can make a difference.

Months later, Ariana, the mother, knocked at Jim and Lisa’s door. But this seemed like a different Ariana. She told them how her life had changed since the day he prayed with her family. Her husband was placed on medicine and had stopped drinking. They began reading a magazine on marriage that Jim had given them. Soon, they began riding around town together on their scooter with smiles and greetings. Ariana said this had been the best year of their marriage. Now, she wanted to know more.


John noticed the young woman, dirty with matted hair, resembling a mentally ill beggar. A moment later, as he bought his train ticket at the window, he didn’t have the right amount. John was surprised when the woman turned back and offered to help. He thanked her and boarded his train, never thinking to ask her name. But he felt impressed to breathe a prayer for her.

John and his wife Carrie are missionaries. Weeks later they were attending a service when, by “chance,” the young woman came in. John recognized her and found that her name was Prisha. In the weeks and months following, Carrie’s friendship with her blossomed. Prisha made the decision to make Christ her only God and grew in her faith.

Prisha tells how she grew up a devout Hindu, but she felt totally empty and hopeless. She also turned to Islam. But her life became even worse. The day she met John at the train station she had made a plan to jump from a certain train as it passed over a dam. But because she paused to help John she missed her train.

Today, in spite of family opposition, she uses every opportunity to tell others about Jesus and hopes to attend Bible college. In Christ she has found the peace and joy she had sought. She is made new.

Names changed for security purposes.