Saving the Best for Forever

By Jerry Pence

Your most audacious dreams of heaven will be exceeded.

I am privileged to lead a local church in Brooksville, Fla., well-known for its ministry to retired seniors. It is a church that heaven is transforming. Dozens from our fellowship each year finish their earthly race and cross over into the indescribable wonder of eternity. Heaven feels imminent.

Heaven is also transforming our church because its King is constantly invading our community with merciful acts of saving love. People of all ages are being “made new.” Life in Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven make us an increasingly multi-generational, multi-cultural church. Allow me to share a few of their thoughts about heaven.

What will heaven be like?

Mr. Terry Pettee “There is little said in the Scriptures about heaven, I suspect, because there is nothing on earth from which to make a comparison. How does one describe a rainbow of color to a blind man? I know this—there is no pain, no guilt, no sin, nor depression. There is a return to perfect innocence, virtue, and holiness. In short, heaven is bliss beyond the human imagination.”

Mr. Don Mack “I think heaven will surpass anything that I can imagine. I believe we will be overwhelmed by the love and presence of Jesus.”

Mrs. Donna McKim “Heaven will be a place of light; no darkness. A place of completeness; no more unanswered questions. A place of love as I’ve never known before. A place of reunion with loved ones already there. A place of celebration for God’s honor and glory.”

Mrs. Joan Wallace “I’m not so much elated over streets of gold and all of the precious gems of heaven. What I like to think of is the “new heaven and the new earth.” From what I have seen of our present earth, both in pictures and real life, it is a beautiful place. Imagine what it would be like to live here when all sin is removed! God’s creation is spectacular!”

I think heaven will be like Jesus’ first miracle. He’s saving the Best for Last!

Mrs. Flossie Peterson “Heaven will be far better than our mortal minds can imagine… an amplified version of what we experience here on earth, without the sin factor. We’ll probably be busy with productive activities, rejoicing in the pleasures of the presence of God and all his creation.”

Mrs. Carol S. Waldron “The glory, majesty, and brightness of the Deity will be unspeakably awesome. If we had known, we would have tried to get there sooner!”

Mr. Shirley Pawling “When I think about heaven it seems to me that everything I can imagine (and that’s a lot) will not appear there, because it will be crowded out by even better stuff . . . stuff I can’t imagine here in my present state.”

Finally, a note from someone whose name I could not read sums it up:

“I think heaven will be like Jesus’ first miracle. He’s saving the best for last!”