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By Wesley  Dean

Have you ever attended a church that had a period of testimonies when people could stand up and share their testimony during the service?

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If so, you might remember some wonderful ones. You might also remember how some people would ramble on for too long. What God was doing in their lives was great, but once they started repeating themselves, everyone started fidgeting.

As the body of Christ, we truly need to share testimonies of how God is moving in our lives. There are some incredible stories that are very inspiring. But as churches have gotten bigger, they have created multiple services and tighter schedules. They can no longer risk having someone ramble on during a testimony time. Many congregations have stopped sharing testimonies during services. However, this is where video can come to the rescue.


Often, video is viewed as a form of entertaining the audience or of capturing their attention. In some churches it is used as an extension of the preacher. However, perhaps the most transformational use of video is capturing an incredibly inspiring story from someone in our midst and sharing it with everyone. People don’t have to be great speakers or be able to deliver a testimony perfectly. They just need to have great stories of what God is doing. Identifying great stories of God’s faithfulness requires listening to what people have to say. Storytellers bring good news.

Such stories should be a part of our services. One practical way is to fit short testimonies in between songs related to that topic. Instruments in the background can gradually increase the intensity adding momentum to the story being shared.

Earlier this year during a video recording session, quintessential pastor David Kinnan commented, “Filmmakers are the altar-builders of our time.” We no longer pile up stones to remember God’s faithfulness, but we can ensure that the great stories are preserved and passed on to others by capturing them through video.

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