Together: Pentecost Sunday

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt

Join other Wesleyans on May 23 for a time of prayer on Pentecost Sunday.

There are those holy moments that mark a movement. They most often occur when the heart of God meets the hearts of those who love him and long for the transforming presence of his Spirit to fall afresh.

May 31, 2020, was one of those moments for The Wesleyan Church. It was Pentecost Sunday, and people from around the world gathered virtually to seek his face and empower Wesleyans to carry the gospel from everywhere to everywhere.

On the original Pentecost (Acts 2), nations gathered in Jerusalem. A prayer meeting in the upper room became a movement across the world. In Peter’s message immediately following, he recounted how God promised to pour out his Spirit on all people — women and men, young and old. Those gathered included people of simple means and those with significant resources, recognized religious leaders and devout followers. The result of the Spirit working through his message was thousands of new believers.

This year, we’re gathering again on Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021. Men, women, teens and children will have an opportunity to engage in this “prayer meeting” as we continue to ask God to Unleash a Kingdom Force in The Wesleyan Church: multigenerational, multiethnic, multieconomic, women and men, lay and clergy, from everywhere to everywhere.

The leaders of The International Wesleyan Church are calling for the church to gather in prayer and be empowered to sense God’s calling in order to fulfill Jesus’ commission to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our desire is to live sent, whether disciple makers in the marketplace or in our neighborhoods, as missionaries, as church planters, as pastors. God will equip us for what he calls us to. Those who experience a new calling to live sent will be given the opportunity to take the next steps in fulfilling that calling.

Would you and your church plan to join in what God will do as we gather across the world to seek his face on May 23?

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