Johanna Rugh

Johanna Rugh serves as superintendent of the Hispanic Southwest District (superintendente asistente del Distrito Hispano del Suroeste). She also serves as assistant pastor at El Monte Wesleyan Church. Through this ministry she has helped create a bridge with the local school district, the after-school program, the Latino literacy program, and the project of the upcoming "Community and Ministry Computer Lab.” (Community members can learn computer skills, after-school program reading help is available for students, and Hispanic ministerial students will have access to a ministry library with thousands of books ministry preparation.) Because of her involvement with ministerial preparation, she serves as an instructor for ministerial classes and has begun to provide support for the districts’ DBMDs. Before her graduation she has been representing the student body at the Board of Trustees for Wesley Seminary and her dream is to see many of her brethren study at least one of the multiple degrees that the Seminary offers.