A Lifetime of Giving

By Katie Long

Even after his death, Edwin Wissbroecker is still known for living a life of generous giving.

Edwin Wissbroecker had a big view of God. As a cherished Global Partners missionary until his death at 91 in 2016, Wissbroecker served for more than three decades in Zambia, Africa, and continued to return there after he retired with his wife, Wilma, to Florida.

His whole life was about answering the call God had given him before he even knew Christ. After he finished his time in the military, Wissbroecker went to a church service with some friends. He had no idea what the word missionary even meant, but as he shook the pastor’s hand, the man made Wissbroecker’s calling clear. “This man is called to be a missionary.”

Later, when two friends led him to Christ, God reminded him of this promise. Wissbroecker’s response set the path to a lifetime of giving, financially and physically.

"If God wants me, he can have me"

“If God ever wants me, he can have me.” This attitude changed everything. Wissbroecker made spreading the gospel his life. He put all his resources into discipling people, making them stronger so they could disciple others.

His life-long friend, Don Bray, describes Wissbroecker as "a principled person, taking biblical directives literally. He believed that you could not out-give God and this established a foundational way of viewing his stewardship."

He believed that you could not out-give God and this established a foundational way of viewing his stewardship.

Wissbroecker chose not to be defensive over his resources because he knew God was his supplier and would provide for all his needs. Genesis 28:15 repeated itself throughout his life and proved true even after his retirement from missions.

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

Because he had a generous God, he could be generous too, and that showed in how and what he gave. Wissbroecker believed the money given to him had a purpose and that was the only way to use it. His wife and family continue his legacy of generosity through supporting missionaries with Global Partners.