All God … all of us

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt

Wesleyans pursue God’s Acts 1:8 mission.

Women and men from around the world, of all ages, speaking many languages and embedded in various cultural contexts are praying from God-dependent hearts, deeply committed to our shared mission.

Global Partners missionaries prayed at the Mission 1:8 Summit for a fresh move of God, empowerment to be witnesses by the Holy Spirit. In district conferences, individuals and churches joined an Acts 1:8 prayer movement. Many will pray 50 times or more for the Holy Spirit’s power to be a transforming presence in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

Furthering the gospel’s spread is a multigenerational, multiethnic, multieconomic Kingdom Force of men and women, lay and clergy engaged in a courageous pursuit of the Acts 1:8 mission:

  • An “across Canada” prayer tour included stops at Wesleyan churches.
  • Youth camps at campgrounds and our Wesleyan educational institutions saw hundreds of salvations and the next generation recommitting their lives to claim their campuses for Christ.
  • Baptisms in churches or anywhere water could be found — public testimonies before gatherings of believers.
  • Marketplace multipliers in North America and globally “praying on offense” for the Holy Spirit to bring transformation in the everyday places of their lives.

This Acts 1:8 movement will be as personal as the familiar locations in which we live and work, and as global as the places we’ll never see.


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There’s a fresh resolve that every person should hear the gospel and respond. God is calling us to where the redemption of Jesus has never been communicated and to places where this good news must be freshly shared.

In “Acts and the Movement of God,” author and movement catalyst Steve Addison reminds us that “This is God’s mission. The Spirit comes … the Word goes out … the kingdom comes.” May God include each of us in his movement!