Built upon intercession

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt

TOGETHER: Filled and Sent

The stories keep coming! Daily, there is fresh evidence of the Kingdom Force — a force that originated on Pentecost, beautifully illustrated in Acts 1 and 2. Nearly 2,000 years later, God includes us in that movement. A Kingdom Force movement, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is multigenerational, multiethnic, multieconomic, engages women and men, lay and clergy, and reaches from everywhere to everywhere.

Intercession is at the heart of mission. We’re a praying people, whether in personal quiet times, prayer walks through communities, prayer meetings in group settings from worship to business, or during a global prayer event like TOGETHER on Pentecost Sunday 2021. “TOGETHER: Filled and Sent” was the event title, yet it was the testimony theme that impressed most participants: “If [God] can do it in me, he can do it in you.”


Filled and Sent

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When our priority is prayer, we’re starting in the right place! When we add faith-filled availability, we’re taking another big step forward. The learning will continue, but God’s filling and leading have been sought and activated. Collectively, we’ll move to fulfill our four-fold mission of evangelizing the lost, discipling believers, equipping the church and ministering to society.

Wesleyans are embracing the call to Live Sent; some to minister in local churches as pastors, some to serve as missionaries and some as a lay-led, global movement of Marketplace Multipliers evangelizing and discipling in everyday places of life. All Wesleyans are called to be disciples who make disciples in the local church and beyond its walls, and I see it happening firsthand.

I rejoice that after two years of delay, we will finally meet again for General Conference. I hope you can join us May 22-25, 2022, as we gather virtually and physically in St. Louis, Missouri, to honor, praise and celebrate God as a Kingdom Force Unleashed!