Seeking faith

By Angela Alvarado

The Wesleyan Church’s Articles of Religion series seeks to feed spiritual hunger and deepen Christian faith.

There’s a rising spiritual openness and hunger in our world.

Do you feel it? Have you seen it?


January — Introduction

February — Faith in the Holy Trinity 

March — The Father  

April — The Son of God   

May — The Holy Spirit   

June — The Sufficiency and Full Authority of the Holy Scriptures for Salvation 

July — God’s Purpose for Humanity  

August — Personal Choice; Sin: Original, Willful & Involuntary; Sin After Regeneration  

September — Repentance and Faith  

October — The Atonement   

November — Justification, Regeneration and Adoption  

December — Sanctification: Initial, Progressive, Entire   

Evidence of it keeps popping up as God's Holy Spirit is pouring out. People everywhere are longing for God and seeking a deeper understanding of Christian faith. This eager seeking is an incredible opportunity for believers, and specifically Wesleyans, to prayerfully step in and close the gospel gap.

The Wesleyan Church’s (TWC) Articles of Religion (AoR) are core to who we are, and how we live and serve. Prominently positioned in Part 1 of “The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church 2022,” included within The Constitution of the North American General Conference, the Articles of Religion are, in part, “… for the advancement of God’s Kingdom among all people …"1

A new AoR series, designed to further unpack for Wesleyans each Article of Religion, provides discipleship moments by introducing, or for some re-introducing, the basic tenets of Christian faith as well as these beliefs and doctrines of TWC.

“Understanding Christian faith more fully benefits us individually as we seek God, desiring to learn to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength,” said General Superintendent Dr. Wayne Schmidt. “Increasing clarity in how we conceptualize our common beliefs also has the collective benefit of uniting us in our Christian faith.”

Theologians from across TWC, who celebrate and embrace the Articles of Religion, have joined together to share their knowledge and gifts with us. These ministers have volunteered their time and labor, providing their unique perspectives shaped by varying ministry, cultural and missional experiences. Many chose their article topic due to a particular theological passion, or correlating research and scholarly work. We benefit from their sharp minds, warm hearts and are grateful for their contribution.

Each AoR video and accompanying article will be available in Spanish and English.

“Understanding Christian faith more fully benefits us individually as we seek God, desiring to learn to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength,”

General Superintendent Dr. Wayne Schmidt


Yamil Acevedo, director of theological programs in Spanish, Wesley Seminary.

Tom Armiger, General Superintendent Emeritus, TWC.

Clarence (Bud) Bence, retired minister, college teacher, writer and speaker.

Bob Black, professor emeritus of Religion, Southern Wesleyan University.

Colleen Derr, president of Wesley Seminary.


January — The Church   

February — The Gifts of the Spirit  

March — The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper  

April — Good Works  

May — Marriage and Family  

June — The Second Coming of Christ; The Resurrection of the Dead   

July — The Judgement of All Persons; Destiny  

Patrick Eby, professor of historical theology and Wesley studies, and director of the Doctor of Ministry program, Wesley Seminary.

Richard Eckley, emeritus professor of theology, Houghton University.

David Holdren, retired minister and author who served as an assistant district superintendent, interim district superintendent, executive editor of curriculum and leadership development at TWC headquarters and General Superintendent of TWC, 2000-2005.

Steve Lennox, president of Kingswood University.

Ron McClung, retired minister who also served as a district superintendent and assistant general secretary, TWC.

Aaron Perry, associate professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership, Wesley Seminary.

Daniel Rife, director of liturgy and formation, College Wesleyan Church, Marion, Indiana.

Belinda Selfridge, district administrator for the Tri-State District, local outreach pastor at First Wesleyan, Bartlesville, and adjunct professor, Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, TWC.

Devon Smith, district superintendent of the Tri-State District, TWC.

Chase Rashad, lead pastor of Unison Christian Church, regional board member for the Great Lakes Region and TWC General Board member.

Jerome Van Kuiken, professor in the School of Ministry and Christian Thought, Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Mark Wilson,associate professor of Christian Ministry and the Religion Department coordinator, Southern Wesleyan University, and author who serves as the evangelism catalyst for TWC and as the South Carolina district ambassador.


Angela Alvarado, Communication and Administration Division, TWC

Chris Bounds, Indiana Wesleyan University

Josh McNall, Oklahoma Wesleyan University


the Articles of Religion series.


Jonathan Morgan, Indiana Wesleyan University

Mike Tapper, Southern Wesleyan University

Jerome Van Kuiken, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Janelle Vernon, general secretary, TWC

Translators and editors

Yamil Acevedo, Wesley Seminary

Johanna Rugh, executive director of Education and Clergy Development, TWC

Kristel Shepherd, Communication and Administration Division, TWC

1. “The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church 2022,” 14.