The Grace of Serving

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt

Serving is a means of grace to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

It’s important to me to know what Jesus stated as the core commitments of discipleship. I’m convinced one evidence of being a disciple is making another disciple, because he commissioned his disciples to “go and make disciples.”

Jesus asserted that greatness for his disciples would be found in service.

Serving is an expression of the spiritual gifts he has entrusted to us, but also it is evidence of the spiritual graces he is developing in us.

My son, Jordan, and his family attend New Life Church in Wayland, Michigan. My wife, Jan, and I were recruited to serve on Easter weekend at a church-sponsored community event. Jan provided skilled labor (face painting) and my son decided to deploy my gift of gab. One of those friendly conversations was with Angela, who lived nearby and walked over with her kids to enjoy the event. She and her family did not have a church home. I saw how the service of many in organizing the event, and the hospitality extended to her family, made it natural for her to want to learn more about the church and commit to visiting in the future. Serving opens the door to fresh steps of faith. As disciples, we are not just spectators. We are contributors.

As we see the Holy Spirit using our humble service in ways that sometimes surprise us, our faith is enlarged and our discipleship deepens.

Serving is the way of obedience, and it is an expression of love toward others, but it is also a means of grace to grow as a disciple.

I’m learning, and this is a lifelong lesson, that following Jesus means selflessly serving others and becoming more like Christ in our service.